Free version of W-Locker has some of the advance features for all your data security needs. W-Locker Lock comes with additional security settings unheard before, including application level password security, stealth mode, hack security and auto protection. Its validity expires after a limited period of time. For full security download the full version of W-Locker application.

Features and benefits

>> Extremely easy in use.
>> Effective password protection.
>> FAT, FAT32, NTFS volumes are supported.
>> Supports all modern Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7) including 64-bit editions.
>> Almost any folder on your computer can be password protected.
>> Instant protection - no file scrambling or moving to another place.
>> Prevents unwanted website from displaying on your PC.

Full version contains all the advance features of W-Locker application. Download to grab the benifits and full data security @ 99.99 USD only.

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